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We offer strategic advisory aimed at generating value by adjusting the capital structure, raising public and private funds, managing business portfolios, restructuring shareholder and financial arrangements, and handling strategic transactions (M&A).

Business and Project Development

Our advisory for business planning and development aims at economic-financial performance and competitiveness, and the structuring and execution of highly capital-intensive projects.

Structured Finance

We structure transactions for raising structured funds – private or in capital markets – and project financing.

Capital Markets

We prepare companies to gain access to financial resources without banking brokerage in both domestic and international capital markets.

Martinelli Atria

Strategy and Finance

We have worked with corporate financial advisory for 12 years and have carried through over 150 projects. Our track record is BRL 37.50 billion in transactions and advisory projects.

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At Martinelli Atria, we focus on mid- and long-term business relationships and keeping our clients coming back for our services. Martinelli Atria is a benchmark in the segments it does business in, providing end-to-end services.